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2 things I love the most – Fashion and Music, and their brilliant collision!

20 Jan

There is something about the marriage of fashion and music, that makes everyone transcend into a fantasy-land where no rules and boundaries stand true. When iconic fashion designers create costumes for iconic pop-stars, the result more often than not is mind blowing, and the visuals remain in the hearts of the audience for a long long time to come.

I love the relationship between fashion and music, for one creates the visuals of a world that excites and provokes the mind through eyes, and the other creates a similar effect through ears. And what comes out is an experience that you not only want to witness but also be a part of. 
Looking back at time, thinking of Madonna in her Jean Paul Gaultier conical bra costume, that she wore in her Blonde Ambition tour, in 1990, the media and audience went into a frenzy. Her rebellious image and her avant-garde costumes, gave way to a new culture where she was an idol for millions.
A similar frenzy was created more recently with Alexander Mc Queen’s futuristic love for muse Lady Gaga, and hers in return for him. Wearing the iconic see-through lace dress (that covered even her face) which she chose to wear in MTV Music Video Awards 2009, and many many more that she wore in her videos and on red carpet (I cant seem to forget the horrific meat dress though). 
While many of my favourite music stars of this era seen in jaw-droppingly creative and dazzling costumes: 
> Rihanna in Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci for her  Diamonds World Tour
> Niki Minaj in Jeremy Scotts creations on her Pink Friday tour
Image , 
> and Katy Perry, in her delicious candy costumes designed by her stylist Johnny Wujek
But, you have to give it to Miley Cyrus, for creating a stir like no other, with her bam-in-the-face sudden make-over that has made everyone’s eyes wobble with amazement and well, maybe even shock. The ‘Wrecking Ball’ star, who created waves for her ‘Twerking’ (Thanks to her,it became a term valid in the Oxford dictionary recently) in a skimpy nude bikini, gyrating with Robin Thicke, with her now-infamous wink and tongue lashed out. This popstar seems to have caught everyone’s attention. I love her music, for one, and the way she has transformed into a pop-star true to the present day! 
Miley Cyrus is now gearing up for her ‘The Bangerz World Tour’, and Roberto Cavalli is creating her looks for the tour. Just received the few sketches of the costumes that Miley would be wearing, and I think they are pretty amazing. Sharing with you all, the first look that I received from Roberto Cavalli’s press office!  
Black knitwear jumpsuit all over embroidered recreating a zebra pattern.
Nude jumpsuit in stretch silk tulle all over embroidered with Swarovski crystals creating a nude effect on the body.
Over washed denim sleeveless jacket,shorts and bra with an all over ombré embroidery of metallic studs and crystals.
Washed denim with python print jacket, shorts and bra embroidered with a dégradé of blue crystals

WHEN GUCCI MET GOOGLE – Technology reached new fashionable heights

6 Sep




Gucci has pioneered the concept of visiting real fashion stores, online. The luxury brand shook hands with Google Business Photos project to launch the indoor view of the store on Google maps through the street view Technology. With Gucci’s first men’s flagship store in Europe – Milan’s Brera District, you could be sitting anywhere in the world and can be taking a virtual walk and a 360 degree view of the store, while going through the men’s collection in store, and making your plans on what to buy next.


Divided into multiple floors, you can visit the ground level for shoes, luggage, lifestyle accessories and perfumes; upper level for ‘Made to Order’ services for men’s clothing and shoes; and the lower ground level is for the ready-to-wear collections along with shoes, silks, an assortment of sunglasses and belts. 

Want to experience the virtual Milano Gucci store trip? It’s pretty cool!! 


Here is the link, go visit! Google Maps