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India – International fashion’s new home

20 Sep

There was a time when we all loved our big International travels to the US or Europe, for the sole reason of shopping, and when we returned, we loved flaunting brands that were not available in India. But for those of us who were at the receiving end of this show off, it was a nightmare to not be able to reach the far lands in order to keep one’s self ahead in trends. 

In my recent travel to continents like – Europe, Australia, and other countries in Asia, I for one, loved the fact that there are  few mass fashion brands and big luxury houses remaining in the world, that are not yet available in India. It gives me immense confidence and ease to travel around the world while not worrying too much about shopping in hoards from stores that are not available in my own country. I rather like to enjoy my stay in a new land, while looking for the local flavors in fashion that are more like souvenirs from a culture, rather than one massive shopping agenda that eats up all of your head space. I like to take in the beauty and vibrance of a city, instead of getting nervous to not skip an opportunity or make a hasty bad decision while picking up things that are not available in my own city. And thanks to the recent liberalization in our Government’s FDI laws (which was announced exactly a year back – 20th September 2012), more and more of my favorite fashion brands are crossing the borders to reach me and keep me at par with my friends abroad. I am sure most of you enjoy the same.
After we welcomed with open arms and pockets – our favourite high street brands from around the globe, like Vero Moda, Forever 21, and Zara (Who has witnessed phenomenal success, and is now opening 18 new stores across India additional to 10 of them already present, in the next 3 years), there are many more in row waiting to enter this thriving young market. And we are waiting eagerly to catch hold of them with bated breath.
Hence, I thought of sharing with you all some good news on what are the other major international brands that have recently set foot or are planning to come to India, in the near future. 
– Michael Kors  (high fashion apparel and accessories brand for men and women) has just set foot partenring with Genesis Luxury Group, and is now available in India at DLF Emporio, Delhi. 
Above: Images are from Michael Kors Fall Winter 2013 campaign themed the ‘American jet-setter’, shot by the designer’s usual collaborator, Mario Testino
– Belgian watch brand Ice-Watch, known for its yummy range of clear and colorful watches has ventured in the country. It will be available in cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Kochi, plus across various online shopping portals. 
Above: the colorful range of watches at Ice Watch, starting at Rs 5,500
– Popular American brand- The Limited, has moved forward to enter the Indian market. The company would kick-start its retail operations by opening over five stores early next year. 
Above: The Limited store facade 
– Famous sportswear brand Umbro, known for its soccer related apparel, footwer and equipment, is entering the Indian market with a collaboration between – Future Lifestyle Fashion and Iconix India. The brand will be available through Central and Planet Sports, and exclusive brand outlets across the country. ImageImageImageImage
Above: Some of the famous campaigns of the sportswear brand Umbro.
– Massimo Dutti, one of the high-end fashion labels from Spain’s famous Inditex group, that also owns Zara, has finally gotten a clearance to enter the country with a a joint venture partnership with Tata-run Trent.
Above: Massimo Dutti’s Fall Winter 2013 campaign,  shot by Mario Testino 
There are few of my other favorite brands that are waiting to come like the Sweden’s fast fashion retail giant – H&M (Hennes and Mauritz), The casual wear brand from US – GAP, and the Japanese mega fashion brand – Uniqlo. According to the latest news, while GAP is soon planning to come, but owing to the steep fall in rupee against the dollar, H&M has pushed the opening of its stores in India to the year 2016, and Uniqlo has postponed it to the year 2015
Now, all I hope is that the rupee starts behaving itself, pulls itself upwards, and the sorry state of economy in India gets better real soon, so that we can lay our hands on the gorgeous fashion items bought from these super international brands, with enough in our pockets to splurge.
And I really hope that Indian fashion brands garner maximum attention of big investors and retailers to make them one of the big global brands and have their presence all over the world (which I feel, till now only Hidesign and Forest Essentials, have been able to achieve a little bit, and within fashion designers only Manish Arora). 
I truly wish and believe, that soon a ‘Made in India’ tag would be as valued around the world, as a ‘Made in France’ or a ‘Made in Italy’ one. Amen! 
P.S. Please do share with me if you know of anymore international fashion brands coming to India in the near future.

WHEN GUCCI MET GOOGLE – Technology reached new fashionable heights

6 Sep




Gucci has pioneered the concept of visiting real fashion stores, online. The luxury brand shook hands with Google Business Photos project to launch the indoor view of the store on Google maps through the street view Technology. With Gucci’s first men’s flagship store in Europe – Milan’s Brera District, you could be sitting anywhere in the world and can be taking a virtual walk and a 360 degree view of the store, while going through the men’s collection in store, and making your plans on what to buy next.


Divided into multiple floors, you can visit the ground level for shoes, luggage, lifestyle accessories and perfumes; upper level for ‘Made to Order’ services for men’s clothing and shoes; and the lower ground level is for the ready-to-wear collections along with shoes, silks, an assortment of sunglasses and belts. 

Want to experience the virtual Milano Gucci store trip? It’s pretty cool!! 


Here is the link, go visit! Google Maps