Revolutionary Fashion – The spray way

27 Jan

Life as it seems has become simple and complex at the same time with the coming of new technology, better ways and newer & quicker things at hand. World has today come to such a juncture where amid hundred thousand things happening every day, we sometimes feel like skipping all the steps and taking a big leap into the future. Fashion – as a way of life, has also stepped along and has transported itself at a point where new and fiercely ahead, is the only way to go.

Now have you ever imagined or fantasized of customizing your own garments with your own hands, that too in no time and much equipment hassle? If yes then there is news that will most probably bowl you over. Well….it seems like a product from a sci-fi flick, but it surely has stepped into reality amongst us as the ‘bizarre new thing’. Customized Fashion is now just a whiff of air away.

Fabrican sprayed on mannequin


A Spanish fashion designer and a Professor of Particle Technology have come up with a Fabrican Spray on Fabric through which clothes can be created by merely spraying it on the skin. Seamless fabrics can be sprayed directly into the body using aerosol technology. This magical spray creates novel clothing that can also be washed and re-worn. An aerosol can or a spray gun is used in spraying the liquid. The spray is made from small fibers blended with polymers that join the fibers together. A solvent is also present in the spray that releases the fabric in liquid, and disappears as soon as the spray touches the surface of the body. Fabric is formed by the cross linking of the fibers, creating a non woven clothing. The web of the cloth is thin, but desired thickness can be brought in the garment by using multiple layers. As the fibers are created in a diffused form, other materials such as pigments or perfumes can also be added to it.

Fabrican Spray on body directly to form clothing

Fabrican Spray on body directly to form clothing

Fabrican Spray on body directly to form clothing

Fabrican Spray on body directly to form clothing

T shirt formed by Fabrican

T shirt formed by Fabrican

The liquid can be used directly over the body using aerosols, or sprays, and gets dehydrated quickly, becoming a new fabric. The texture of the fabric can be altered by adding or changing the blend of the fibers that are used in the spray. Fibers such as linen, acrylic, and wool can be used. The technology is believed to find creative applications in the fashion industry. This spray has other useful applications as well; such as medical dressings, bandages, hygiene wipes, air fresheners, upholstery fabrics for furniture, etc.

And here we find ourselves again with fashion to have established yet another invention to push the level of creativity of its designers, thus giving this world more novelty and innovation every passing day.

Fabrican on garment frame

Fashion show for garments created out of Fabrican

Fashion show for garments created out of Fabrican

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3 Responses to “Revolutionary Fashion – The spray way”

  1. sarvnik January 28, 2011 at 01:51 p01am #

    Really! Wow I had no idea (don’t say then get Idea because I think Abhishek is bloody annoying in that ad. It’s an excellent and very informative piece, completely enjoyed reading it… Rest of the feedback on a personal mail…

  2. FashionStalkerAmandeepKaur January 29, 2011 at 01:51 p01pm #

    thanx tinks!! 🙂

    Appreciate ur feedback!!

  3. D-Econstruction Lab July 17, 2012 at 01:51 p07am #

    Absolutely gorgeous! It could became a new “handmade” frontier in the “slow fashion” system…marvelous!

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