Hussein Chalayan – Futuristic strings

23 Dec

If somebody could be identified a scientist at fashion design, most of us would coherently agree with crowning the name to the designer, who has not only created, but literally invented and discovered a new facet of fashion. Peeping into the future and pulling out elements from there, seems to be the power possessed by Hussein Chalayan. His architectural design brilliance leaves the spectators entranced with each show or as he likes to call it, with each event. Pushing the boundaries with every piece, the conceptual designer drives his skill to understand and interpret the idea, on the fuel of technology & technique, to destine ultimate virtuoso, thus creating magic with form.

Chalayan has travelled the extremities of design and fashion and has created radically rebellious pieces that has not only inspired, but also left the audience at a creative edge. With his brilliantly engineered collection called ‘afterwords’, which explores the notion of ‘wearable, portable architecture’ in which furniture literally transforms itself into garments. He gained heights of world acclaim for his infamous multi-tiered skirt made out of a polished wooden coffee table, with every mention of which the designer gets positively irritated.

The list of Chalayan’s zealously creative collections include ‘Airborne’  that brought the latest LED technology to fashion design with a spectacular dress consisting of Swarovski crystals and over 15,000 flickering LED lights. Another was the collection where feather light garments were suspended with Helium balloons, further a collection crafted out of fiber- glass which mimicked the wings of an aircraft in motion at the mere push of a button, and another with intricate seaming that echoed flight paths. From space age shifts with complex mechanism, to inertia impelled dresses, the designer seems to have been experimenting with startling conceptual paths which have been walked by no other designer before.

Hussein Chalayan’s work has become as much art, architecture or theatre, as fashion. Introducing futuristic minimalism by way of his simple garments, the designer has created a great individualistic niche that borrows and scrounges from none other in his field. Along with conceptual exhibits, fashion shows and installation designs, the designer has also directed art projects, including the short films. In 2008, Hussein Chalayan got appointed as the ‘Creative Director’ of Puma lending his use of new technology, forward-thinking design and provocative point of view to the sports-lifestyle brand.

You can also view the story at Fashionfad:


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